Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Crawler hanging in “Stopping” status or “Starting” in SharePoint FAST Search 2010

Crawler hanging in “Stopping” status or “Starting” in SharePoint FAST Search 2010

We have the SharePoint farm with 2 WFEs and 1 APP server with once FAST search server. We had two content sources to crawl two SharePoint sites. One day we faced an issue that crawler is hanging in the “Starting” status and that was not changed.

Since this is staying in the “Starting” we clicked stopped the crawling and then it hanged in the “Stopping” status.

Following are the things we did to resolve this issue and but any of those did not fixed our issue.

1.    Restarted all the WFEs and APP servers.
2.    Restarted “SharePoint Server Search 14” windows server which is running in the APP server. (Where SharePoint search service application running).
3.    We have seen that several blog posts are saying execute “stsadm -o osearch -action stopcommand, but we have not executed that because the will reset the search service application.
4.    Restart Fast search services using nctrl stop and nctrl start,
5.    Did IISRESET.

Following is the trick that resolved our problem.

1.    We have created “SearchTemp” in D drive of the each WFEs and APP server and restarted the “SharePoint Server Search 14” windows service where search service application is running.
2.    Please check the storage space of the FAST search server to ensure that is having more than 3GB free space.

“D:\SearchTemp” folder is given to the FAST search during the configuration. That is why we used D drive.